July 2023

June 2023

How to make your fragrance last longer?

Fresher inspired by L’eau d’Issey by Issey Perfume Best Practices on How to Apply Perfumes to make your fragrance last longer Tip 1: Avoid scented Deo when applying perfume Avoid weird mix of smells, stick with an unscented deo Tip 2: What is the concentration of your perfume? Your oil-to-alcohol ratio helps diffuse a scent,...

December 2022

What are must have Autumn-Fall Scents on this new year

Have you ever wondered why some perfumes work one time but not the next? or that your summer scents doesn't suit you that well in the winter?   We will feature 6 best fall perfumes 2023 for Her and Him, and we hope you'd love it. Aromas can serve as enhancers or "minimizers"...

Handmade Artisan Perfumes in Dubai: Unique, Luxurious, and Sustainable Scents

Have you ever smelled a perfume or skincare product and thought, "Wow, this smells amazing!"? If so, you're not alone. Many people love the unique and luxurious scents of handmade artisan perfumes and skincare products. Handmade artisan perfumes are crafted in small batches by skilled perfumers using natural ingredients, creating unique...

November 2022

Decent perfumes that you can buy in Dubai

Decent perfumes that you can buy in Dubai People who love perfume are usually on the hunt for good, high-quality bottles. It doesn't matter if you're in Dubai or across the world, there's always a new scent out there worth trying. Perfumes can be quite expensive, though—especially the ones made by...

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